Top 6 Weed Lollipops in Canada (with THC)

If you’ve been searching for the best weed lollipops for sale in Canada — look no further. From mouth-watering flavors to heavy-hitting potency, you’ll find nothing but the top pot lollipops in this list. Ready to learn which weed lollipops will rock your world? Read along to find out the top 6 weed lollipops in […]

Shipwreck Edibles: All You Need to Know and Where to Buy Online in Canada

Do you want to buy the best edibles that Canada has to offer? If so, it’s time you learned about Shipwreck Edibles — one of Canada’s best edible brands to date. If you’re ready to maroon your mind and body in paradise, read this guide to learn everything you need to know about Shipwreck Edibles […]

Recipe: How to Make Magic Mushroom Tea

Drinking magic mushrooms as a tea has become a go-to method of consumption and one we recommend. The reasoning is two-fold: The tea is definitely more pleasant to consume than chewing dried mushrooms and it’s much easier on my stomach. And, the time it takes to prepare the psychedelic brew has evolved into a precious […]

Recipe: How to Make Cannabutter (Video)

Ingredients 3.5 grams cannabis flower (about 1/8 ounce) 3 tablespoons distilled water 1 cup unsalted butter (8 ounces), preferably organic and grass-fed Special Equipment Immersion stick circulator 1 vacuum-sealable bag (vacuum-sealable bags are preferred but sturdy sealable quart-sized plastic bags can stand in) 1 vacuum sealer. How to Make It Step 1 Set immersion circulator […]

Bruce Banner Weed: All You Need to Know & How to Buy Online in Canada

Bruce Banner Weed

If you’re on the hunt for one of the most potent weed strains in Canada — look no further than Bruce Banner weed. From body-numbing potency to mouth-watering flavor, Bruce Banner is a must-try strain that’ll literally knock your socks off. Read along to learn everything about Bruce Banner weed and how to buy it online […]

Best Cannagar in Canada: How to Order Online

Buy Cannabis Online in New Brunswick

Whether you’re in a festive mood or you prefer a few solo puffs— there’s nothing that beats a weed-packed cannagar. If you’re ready to learn how to buy cannagars online in Canada — look no further than this informative guide. Step One – How to Buy Cannagars Online in Canada First, you’ll need to find a […]

Is Cannabis Good for Your Libido? (Here’s What Science Says)

Although many of us don’t admit it — we’re always subject to sexual desire. In other words, we’re naturally bound to our libido. However, many individuals experience issues with their libido that result in a lowered sex drive. In the case of an inactive libido, your relationship with your significant other may be negatively impacted. However, […]

How to Store Pre-Rolled Joints to Keep them Fresh?

Cannagar Canada

Few things in life are as enjoyable as a pre-rolled joint. However, each pre-roll has a short lifespan —unless you store them properly. By storing pre-roll joints properly, you’ll always have a fresh pre-roll at your disposal. Read along to learn how to store pre-rolled joints to keep them fresh. Why Do You Need to Store […]

5 Reasons Why Recreational Endurance Athletes Love Cannabis

It always comes as a surprise when elite athletes admit they love cannabis. The myth that cannabis makes you lazy has become a thing of the past because more active types use cannabis products more than ever. From long-distance trail runners to professional cyclists, cannabis is a go-to product that’s ideal for those that log a ton of kilometers. Read along […]

Transkei Cubensis Magic Mushrooms: All You Need to Know

If you’re looking to buy magic mushrooms in Canada that’ll make you say woah — your search is over. Meet Transkei Cubensis— the ultimate shroom that packs breathtaking potency. From its origin to its outrageous open-eyed effects, Transkei Cubensis has everything a psychonaut could dream of. Read along and discover everything you need to know about the legendary […]

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