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If you need terpene-forward cannabis concentrates that tip the Richter scale in terms of potency — look no further than our Budder category.

Our Budder category is loaded with the best budder weed in Canada. From lip-smacking flavors to mind-erasing potency, you won’t find budder weed that’s this good anywhere else in Canada.

If you’re ready to take a rip of bliss — reach for some of the best budder products, we have for sale, such as Connoisseur Live Rez Royal Kush Budder and PHC Budder.

What is budder cannabis?

Budder cannabis is a type of concentrate made from high-quality buds and strain-specific terpenes that produces a thick, buttery consistency similar to that of peanut butter; hence the name “budder.” Budder offers a unique experience when compared to other cannabis concentrates because it contains the highest levels of THC, making it an incredibly potent product. Budder also offers intense flavor due to its high terpene content which can vary depending on the strain used in the creation process.

What are the benefits of using budder?

The main benefit of using budder cannabis is its potent effects and intense flavor profile due to its high terpene content. As with any cannabis product, different people will experience different effects depending on their tolerance for THC and CBD levels found in the product they consume. Budder is also known for being one of the cleanest forms of concentrate as it doesn’t require any additional solvents to obtain its desired consistency when compared to wax or shatter products. This makes budder an ideal choice for those looking for a more natural approach when consuming cannabis concentrates.

Is there anything special I should know before trying budder?

Before you try budder, it's important to remember that it contains large amounts of THC which can lead to powerful effects if you're not accustomed with consuming cannabis concentrates; start low and go slow! You should also take extra caution when handling as this product does contain high concentrations of THC and its sticky consistency may make it difficult to control or measure your dosage accurately if you don't have the proper tools available such as dabbing rigs or vaping devices made specifically for cannabis concentrates like budder! Lastly, be sure to store your budder properly in order to maintain quality and potency over time; keep away from heat and light sources for best results.

How do I use budder?

The most popular way to consume budder is through dabbing which involves heating up the surface of a nail attached to a water pipe or rig until it reaches very hot temperatures (usually between 350°F - 500°F). Once heated, place your desired amount onto the heated surface and inhale through your rig/pipe while covering the nail with a carb cap in order to collect all vapors produced; this will help ensure optimal effectiveness as well reduction any wastage caused by escaping vapor particles! If you don't have access to a dab rig/pipe you can also vape using vape pens specifically designed for cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter or even budders!

Is there anything else I should consider when buying budder?

There are many factors that need consideration when purchasing such products such as potency, flavour profile (terpenes), price point and certification (organically grown etc). It's important that you research beforehand in order find out what kind of product best suits your needs; understand how much THC/CBD content each product has alongside any other compounds present in order get acquainted with what kind effects they will provide prior purchase them!
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