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Sometimes it isn’t easy to choose just one of something. That’s especially true when it comes to weed, hash, edibles, and even mushrooms.

Now you don’t have to choose because we’ve curated the best cannabis bundles for you. You can also create your own bundles where you can mix and match your favorite products.

If you’re looking for the best edible bundle, take a look at our THC mix gummy pack or THC lollipop pack.

Maybe concentrates are more your thing, and you’re interested in making the best hash or shatter bundle.

Get a taste for all of our top-tier AAAA quality buds with a mix-and-match ounce or two.

If you’re looking to really blast off into another dimension, we also offer the best magic mushrooms in a bundle. Choose from the best and most potent magic mushroom strains grown in Canada.

You don’t need to settle for just one type of product either. We have bundles that include the best edibles, flower, and concentrates.

Remember, variety is the spice of life, and with our bundles, you’ll try the best that the Canadian magic mushroom and cannabis market has to offer.

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