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Mushroom Chocolate Bars – Smush Edibles – 3 Grams

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When you’re ready to touch the stars, there’s no better option than Smush Edible’s 3-Gram Mushroom Chocolate Bars.

Finally, a shroom-infused chocolate bar that blows away the competition. Smush Edible’s Mushroom Chocolate Bar is filled with 3-grams of hard-hitting Golden Teacher mushrooms. That’s right — 3,000mg of potent psilocybin waiting to send your mind into another dimension.

Our handcrafted psilocybin infused chocolates are the perfect confectionary to rocket you to outer reaches of the universe.

Available in 3 flavours: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Cookies & Cream Chocolate.

Made from very high-grade ingredients of cacao, sugar and milk, our chocolates are designed to blow you away with zero shroom aftertaste and help you enter the orbits of the euphoric cosmos.

Whether your reason be to microdose, to access flow states or to lift the curtains to see nirvana, SMUSH is the vessel!

Effects may include (but not limited to) sensory and emotional effects. As with any psychedelic, set and setting are crucial to your trip experience.

3000MG Golden Teacher Mushrooms Chocolate bar

Mushroom Chocolate Bars – Smush Edibles – 3 Grams
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