THC Gummies by Trippy Treats

#4 Best Seller in EDIBLES


Are you ready for the trippiest treat in Canada? Look no further than Trippy Treats’ flavorful and THC-packed Trippy Treats.

When you need to hit the slo-mo button, it’s time to grab a pack of THC Gummies by Trippy Treats. Choose from multiple flavors, such as Hawaiian Fruit Punch, Pink Guava, Fresh Pear, Green Apple, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Kiwi.

Take a trip with Trippy Treats. A fun-loving range of handcrafted gummies that will trip you out on how good they are!


There’s no dancing around potency here because we’ve made them yummy and made them potent!

Each gummy packs a punch of 20/40mg of the market’s purest THC you can find so make sure you take it easy.

THC Gummies by Trippy Treats
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